Launch Nonprofit startup

Nonprofit Startup Program

Take the leap and launch a new nonprofit organization with confidence. Our experts will support your journey from infancy to growth. Through the Nonprofit Startup Program you will be able to:

Nonprofit Startup Program

Launch Nonprofit startup

Take the leap and launch your nonprofit with confidence.  The Nonprofit Startup Program’s team of experts will work with you to clearly articulate your cause’s mission and vision, design your signature program, build your website, and develop a 12 month strategic plan to achieve your short-term goals.

Nonprofit Startup Program

Our Startup program includes the following components to help launch a successful nonprofit organization. 

1.  Proof of Concept

Before you invest your time and resources, it is critical to understand the problem you are trying to address and evaluate the feasibility of your nonprofit organization. We help explore your idea and build a POC to create a compelling case for your stakeholders (board members, investors, funders).  

2. Mission and Vision Statements 

Powerful mission and vision statements can guide your strategic goals and decisions. Our experts use best practices to help craft impactful mission and vision statements for your Nonprofit organization.

3. Target Audience

We help identify and document the primary target audience that your organization and program will serve.

4. Approach 

Once you have understood the problem and defined your primary target audience, we help define your approach and solution to address the problem. 

5. Administrative support for incorporation

We will guide you through the incorporation process to successfully launch your entity at the state and federal level. We also offer support to help apply for your federal tax exempt 501(c)(3) status. 

6. Website Development

We create your digital presence by developing an aesthetically pleasing and device responsive website with the ability to accept donations through the QRius Pay digital fundraising platform.