Fundraising & Grants

Fundraising & Grants

Find a fundraising strategy that works for your nonprofit. You will gain insights from our team who has helped hundreds of nonprofits successfully fundraise. Navigate the complexities of fundraising with our experts who will help secure funding through a variety of strategies.

Fundraising & Grants

Fundraising & Grants

Secure funding and build sustainable revenue streams to achieve your nonprofit’s goals. Navigate the complexities of fundraising with our experts who will help you develop a fundraising strategy that right for your nonprofit, prepare for and apply to for grants, and more!

Fundraising & Grant Services

We offer a variety of services tailored to meet your needs:

Fundraising Strategy

We help you identify your funding requirements and develop an fundraising approach based on your nonprofit’s capabilities and resources. Our fundraising strategies focus on developing diversified revenue streams to minimize risk and maximize potential.

Fundraising Support 

Nonprofit fundraising can be challenging when it comes to sustainable, successful initiatives. That’s why we offer monthly and annual plans tailored to meet your fundraising needs including grant research & writing, digital fundraising campaigns, email & social media marketing, event promotional materials and more!

Grant Readiness Package

We work with your organization to make sure you have all the necessary components in place to increase your chances of success for grant application (e.g. detailed program design and budgets, research supported with quantitative and qualitative data, etc.).

Grant Research and Writing

We help identify and target grants that fit your program and organizational needs and then draft compelling grant application narratives, budgets and more to support your submissions.

Corporate Sponsorship Packages

We develop professionally designed corporate sponsorship packages that articulate your nonprofit’s mission, programs, and sponsorship opportunities and benefits that you can share with business and organizations interested in supporting your cause.

Case Statement of Support

We design and develop case statements of support to pitch your funding ask to funders and investors, and work with your nonprofit to frame the funding ask narrative and budget.

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